Who is the client? What do they do?

Client: My name is A.T.H and I am a professional videographer and photographer (content creator), recently I created a YouTube channel which I create videos about YouTube tips and tricks.

What problem were you asked to solve?

Client: I Wanted to create a personal logo for myself and to represent me as a Freelancer and for publicity on social media.

What personality and logo attributes were you asked to convey?

I was asked to create complex, modern and professional looking logo, having creative and formal attributes.

Who was the target audience?

Influencers and social media activists trying to improve on social media.

Talk about the collaborative working process between
you and your client.

Client were involved every step of the way in the project, from ideation to the final product. Client were contacted at the start and end of the following processes, criteria, exploration, refine, applications, and contacted once on discussing design system.

What was the creative time frame?

The suggested time frame was six weeks but we were ready to finish the project in four.

What applications did you design for this logo? In what media?

Client: I want my logo to be responsive in all social media platforms and I am more focused on digital use of my identity.

Why did the client choose you to design this logo?

Client: I really like the style of your iconography and typography. I was after a simple, adaptable, and responsive look, after reviewing your profile, the decision became easier.

Why did you make the aesthetic choices you made?

We focused on logo application and medias that the logo will need to adapt to. Also taking in mind clients brief wanting their identity to be complex, trendy, and professional.

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