Farsi Plus

Who is the client? What do they do?

Client: We are a bunch of photographers and videographers and we create YouTube videos for public. We are about creating tutorials and tips and tricks videos and we needed an identity (a logo) to be known by.

What problem were you asked to solve?

Client: We need a logo, an identity that will be our face for all those amazing and educational videos.

What personality and logo attributes were you asked to convey?

Client: We want the logo to show what we do and who we are, creative, simple, adaptable, versatile and timeless.

Who was the target audience?

Client: Public, more specifically people who want to improve on social media and YouTube.

Talk about the collaborative working process between
you and your client.

This specific project was relatively fast and streamlined because client was very clear with their vision and what they wanted. Client’s consistent involvement in the project made every step of the process very fluent.

What was the creative time frame?

Client: We are actually in a bit of a rush, we already scheduled two weeks of content ready to go public and we want this project done in four weeks.

What applications did you design for this logo? In what media?

Client: Social media appearance is our first priority but we want our logo to be responsive to other media like t-shirt, mugs and so on.

Why did the client choose you to design this logo?

Client: We reviewed your profile and read your case studies, after which we figured you are our guy for this project.

Why did you make the aesthetic choices you made?

The final design for this project was ver versatile and that is what client was focusing on. The design can go on any media and while being very recognizable at a very small size.

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