Who is the client? What do they do?

Online store selling digital goods such as fonts, textures, patterns, stock photos, stock videos and so on.

What problem were you asked to solve?

To develop a unique, adaptable, versatile, and simple brand identity for the business, focusing more on digital use of the brand.

What personality and brand attributes were you asked to convey?

To create a simple, memorable, and pleasing brand identity.

Who was the target audience?

Creative agencies, designers, freelancers, Youtubers, content creators, social media activists and so on.

Talk about the collaborative working process between
you and your client.

The project was formed in such a way where the clients involvement was taken into account every step of the way, from ideation to the final product. The client has been contacted nine time during this project, at the start and end of every process establishing criteria, exploration, refine, applications, and contacted once on discussing design system to complete the project.

What was the creative time frame?

We spent a total of six weeks completing this project. And making sure brand is future proof for any change that may occur.

What applications did you design for this logo? In what media?

Our main focus was digital use of the brand, with the possibility of creating physical product in the future,

Why did the client choose you to design this logo?

They liked our method of approaching the project and fact that we are providing a long term solution for their brand.

Why did you make the aesthetic choices you made?

We strictly focus on brands needs, values, and it’s long term vision. Also considering clients brief wanting their logo to be simple, memorable, and versatile.

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